Where to?

As a Christian is important to consult God when taking decisions.
Sometimes He clearly shows you which way, but sometimes it's still foggy.
Something similar happened to me a while ago. I prayed and prayed and i was still confused.
I expected that since God in His wisdom knows my future, He would know which way is gonna take me where He wants me to be. I thought if i take a right, would i miss something on the left?
In the midst of my confusion,
God answered me in an unexpected way:
"Why do you keep asking me where to? Don't you know i will bless you no matter which way?"

A parent teaches their children what's good and what's wrong, what do stay away from, 
but they let them choose their own socks in the morning or the profession they want to follow.

The future God has planned for us is wonderful. Even if He knows it, it doesn't mean He controls it. We were created with the freedom to choose. As long as you stay close to Him, He will warn you about dangers, He can advise you about which is the best way, but there will be crossroads where He will simply let you choose.
Not all decisions are either bad, either good. Some roads are just another way to  get there.And He will bless you whatever you choose.

*Decisions * What's my purpose in life? * What's God's plan for my life? * What to choose? *

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