Dream FAR

God is holding this Universe, yet He let us choose for ourselves. He puts in front of us different possibilities, or apparent impossibilities and in the end we are the ones who make the choice.

He wants the best for our lives, and if there’s bumps on our way it must be a reason for those. He might want to tell you something by that. Imagine there is a rod between choices and mistakes. And it’s never smooth. Go and ask people around you. “Did you see that coming or it was unexpected?” At one point I’m sure they must’ve felt some bumps. It was probably God trying to warn them. There’s a thing call ignorance that can make the road smooth for you, but it will only help you experience the fall sooner.

Things happen for a reason, if one time you think it was coincidence, at least open your eyes at the second and third and forth…because our God is a merciful and patient Father, but in the end the decision is ours. Even after we fall He is kind enough to show us a way out and to give us a new beginning. This time, make it worth. Let Him guide you and teach you how to dream far and how to live the life He has in mind for you.

Don’t settle for small, dream far.

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